September 18, 2020

Transition Housing Solutions (THS) supported a fun filled day in reopening of the Skid Row Community Refresh Spot (SRCRS) located at 544 Towne Ave in Los Angeles, CA.

THS provided the food with a smile as advisor Coach Ron performed with speed, a smile in handling the dog in a bun with a side order. There was a steady stream of people feasting, however there was room for more.

Other vendors were present offering a variety of products all free of any monetary return. Those other goodies were supported by free flowing music in the background as some searched thru the masks of varying styles and colors for free, clothing, and therapeutic painting.

The most impressing part to this event was the stories shared by the speakers. Sharing their stories that you can move from this environment to a more conducive surrounding. In other words, if I can, you can.

The SRCRS is designed with the homeless in mind and maintained by those that support the cause.

It was a learning experience.