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Transition Housing Solutions (THS) is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization led by passionate individuals who are committed to helping the homeless cross over from homelessness to finding a permanent solution to their lives. We are committed to providing transitional accommodations where the homeless are encouraged to follow a daily structure and taught life skills by a supportive network of qualified professionals.

Our mission is to push the envelope of what is possible. We are thinking outside the box/tent of what is currently in place. Homeless tenants are provided a runway to progress while building life skills. This allows the homeless to achieve their goal of providing for themselves. THS encourages tenants to feel the comfort of home and provides them the tools to become winners.

The THS model provides an opportunity for the homeless to build life skills, to be able to think differently about their situation, and to feel they are valued members of a successful community. To inspire a spirit of success, to visualize their gifts and to employ those gifts in a way that enhances society and to place lives on the road to recovery; this is our story.

We have the passion!

We have the understanding!

We have the model!

Mission Statement

Our mission at Transition Housing Solutions is to be a bridge by which those experiencing homelessness can immediately transition into a more stable and supportive environment, thereby affording people the opportunity to seek permanent housing. Our communities are designed to provide a clean, warm and safe place to live, while additionally providing social, veteran, vocational and employment services. With the goal of moving each person towards full employment and permanent housing, we see our model as the standard by which transitional homeless housing will be modeled in the decades to come: a model to reduce homelessness and provide purpose to the lives of thousands.

Revised February 4, 2020

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